State Continuing Podiatric Medical Education Requirements

Research performed October 2019 - February 2020

Key: States with online CE Restrictions

State Renewal Period Total # Hours Required Subject(s)  Required Subject Hours Relevant Restrictions
Alabama 1 yr. 12 N/A   None listed
Alaska 2 yrs. 50 Pain Management & Opioid Use 2 None listed
Arizona 1 yr. 25 Opioid-related,
substance-use disorder related, or addiction related
3 May take up to
10 hours of CME on the Internet, on a CD-ROM or in podiatric medical
litertature such as a journal
Arkansas 1 yr. 20 N/A   None listed
California 2 yrs. 50 Lower extremity muscular
skeletal system
12 None listed
Colorado 1 yr. 10 N/A   None listed
Connecticut 1 yr. 0 N/A   None listed
Delaware 2 yrs. 32 N/A   None listed
Florida 2 yrs. 40 Medical Error 2 Up to 8 hours per biennium is
allowed for home study course.
      Laws and Rules 1  
      Risk Management 1  
      Controlled Substance Prescribing 2  
      Human Trafficking 1  
Georgia 2 yrs. 50 N/A   No
more than 10 hours shall be obtained from online courses/correspondence
courses/webinar, and such courses must be approved by the CPME.
Hawaii 2 yrs. 40 N/A   None listed
Idaho 1 yr. 15 N/A   None listed
Illinois 2 yrs. 100 N/A   1) Up to 50 total credit hours
may be earned through nonsupervised individual activities in:

A) self-instruction (AV materials, programed education materials, electronic
teaching devices and individual reading of podiatric medical literature

B) Patient care review (time spent in programs concerned with the review and
evaluation of patient care)

C) self-assessment (quizzes completed after reading professional
publications of a scientific or patient-care oriented nature, or completion
of aptitute questionnaires provided by various organizations and

D) specialty Board or Specialty organization preparation
Iowa 2 yrs. 40 If a podiatrist utilizes
conscious sedation,  must have CE
in area of conscious sedation or other related topics
1 1) 10 hrs of credit for viewing
videotaped presentations if there is a program official present.
      If podiatrist has prescribed
opioids to a pt. during a renewal cycle must have CE re: the US Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention guideline for prescribing opioids for chronic
pain, etc.
1 2) 10 hours of credit for
computer-assisted instructional courses/programs approved by the APMA or its
Kansas 3yrs.  54 N/A   None listed
Kentucky 1yr 20 Use of the Kentucky All-Schedule Prescription
Electronic Reporting System, pain management or addiction disorders
1.5 Max. 5 hr. of Category B CE hours (may relate to
non-podiatric medical issues or general practice issues and may be earned by
attendance at or participation in home study courses; hospital, clinic or
in-house staff lectures; or local or regional medical society or medical
association meetings)
Louisana 1 yr 20 N/A   None listed
Maine 2 yrs 25 N/A   None listed
Maryland 2 yrs 50 N/A   25 credit hours shall be
completed in person.                        
No more than 25 credit hours shall be completed online or via other
Massechutes 1 yr. 15 Opioid Education
& Pain Management
1 None listed
Michigan 3 yrs 150 Pain & Symptom Management 3 None listed
  Medical Ethics 1  
  Controlled Substance Prescribing 2  
Minnesota 2 yrs.  40 hrs. N/A   Maximum of 8 hrs can
be obtained through participation in online courses. 
Mississippi 2 yrs  40 hrs For those with active DEA must
haveCE re: prescribing of medications with an emphasis on controlled
5 None listed
Missouri 2 yrs. 24 hrs. - all pods

50 hrs. - Pods performing ankle surgery
Infection Control 2 Those required to obtain 24 CE
hours - limit of 6 hrs. of self-study. Those required to obtain 50 CE hours -
limit of 12 hrs. of self-study.
Montana 2 yrs. 0 N/A   None listed
Nebraska 2 yrs. 48 hrs. N/A   Maximum of 16 hours by home
study with testing mechanism.
Nevada 2 yrs.  50 hrs. N/A   None listed
New Hampshire 2 yrs.  40 hrs. N/A   30 hrs. must be
attendance in formal courses, including CPME courses. No more than 10 hours
of instructional media certified by the CPME
New Jersey 2 yrs.  100 hrs End of Life Care 2 hrs. None listed
  Topics concerning Prescription Opioid Drugs 1 hr.  
New Mexico 1 yr. 16 hrs Pain Management   2 hrs. None listed
New York 3 yrs. 50 hrs. Podiatric
medicine and surgery
35 None listed
North Carolina 1 yr. 25 hrs. Controlled Substance Abuse and Prescribing 1 hr. Maximum of 5 hours in Category 2 - online or medical journal
courses by CPME providers
North Dakota 3 yrs. 60 hrs. N/A   None listed
Ohio 2 yrs. 100 hrs. N/A   None listed
Oklahoma 2 yrs. 60 hrs N/A   At least 30 hrs. of CE must be obtained in the
state of OK (unless pods have license in OK, but practice in states outside
of OK)
Oregon 2 yrs. 60 hrs. N/A   None listed
Pennsylvania 2 yrs. 50 hrs. pain management,
the identification of addiction, or the practices of prescribing or
dispensing of opioids
2 hrs. A maximum of 10 clock hrs. in
programs involving the use of the Internet or the reading of professional
journals or magazine articles. Recorded presentations are restricted to 10
Rhode Island 2 yrs. 30 hrs. N/A   None listed
South Carolina 2 yrs 24 hrs. Approved
procedures of prescribing and monitoring controrlled substances
2 hrs. None listed
South Dakota 2 yrs. 30 hrs. N/A   None listed
Tennessee 1 yr. 15 hrs. Prescribing practices 1 hr. every other year 5 of the 15 hours may be
completed in any of the following formats: the Internet, closed circuit
television, satellite broadcast, Teleconferenceing, Videoconferencing or
Distance learning
Vermont 2yrs. 30 hrs. For all podiatrists who
prescribe controlled substances: Controlled Substance prescribing
2 hrs. None listed
Virginia 2 yrs. 60 hrs. N/A   None listed
Washington 2yrs. 100 hrs. N/A   None listed
Washington DC 2 yrs. 50 hrs. N/A   30 hrs. may be completed
West Virginia 2 yrs. 50 hrs. Drug diversion
training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances
3 hrs. None listed
Wisconsin 2 yrs.  50 hrs N/A   None listed
Wyoming 2 yrs. 40 hrs. N/A   None listed