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Better Transplant Outcomes in High-Volume Adult CHD Centers

Expertise in congenital heart disease care was associated with improved outcomes for CHD patients listed for transplantation. Experience in acquired heart disease transplant may not be enough. Medscape Medical News

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Occupational Pesticide Exposure Linked to CVD

Data from the Kuakini Honolulu Heart Program show an independent association between occupational exposure to pesticides and development of incident CVD. Medscape Medical News

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Intermittent Fasting Promotes Weight Loss, Improves Lipids

Limiting food consumption to a 10-hour window a day, so-called time-restricted eating, promotes weight loss and improves lipids/blood pressure in patients with metabolic syndrome. Medscape Medical News

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Long-Term Cholesterol Risk Points to Need for Earlier Testing

New data with up to 43 years of follow-up show the link between raised cholesterol and future risk of CVD is strongest in younger people, perhaps due to longer exposures to increased levels. Medscape Medical News

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Vernakalant Safe, Effective in Lead-up to FDA Panel Review

The agency declined to approve the class III agent for AF cardioversion at its first FDA go-around more than a decade ago. New data are encouraging as a second chance with regulators fast approaches. Medscape Medical News

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Doctors Worry About the Rise in Med-Mal Payouts; More

With medical malpractice payouts up, some worry liability rates will rise too; a cardiologist in Michigan is not out of hot water yet; a large award against a doctor and medical group is upheld. Medscape Medical News

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