2020 Practice Summit

A two-day event on providing quality care to your patients and thriving during Phase 2 of the COVID Pandemic.
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This may very well be the most important Podiatry Seminar you attend in the next 12 months. In fact, we believe the information is so important we are giving you the opportunity to attend this event for free.

Space is limited and we expect the event to be ‘sold out’ so please read these terms very carefully.

To attend at no charge, register with the discount code NOCME.
CECH Registration Fee $69.00
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You will NOT receive a certificate for CECH but will be able to attend and participate in this event.

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The Topics

OSHA Compliance with Michael L. Brody, DPM and Matthwe Feldman, JD
Almost 200 medical providers have been hit with fines due to OSHA violations. The OSHA rules and regulations protect our patients, our staff and better enable us to provide quality care in the face of the current pandemic.
• The OSHA Blood Borne Pathogen Standard
• The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
• Understanding the role of Personal Protective Equipment
• The OSHA Ionizing Radiation Standard
• Responding to an OSHA Complaint
• Proper Dis Infection of your office and your instruments
• Malpractice Cases that have involved infection control

In Office Procedures with Michael Warshaw, DPM
Many states have already shut down all elective procedures again. We do not know when we will return to the Operating Room. Lest provide a review of vital services we can continue to provide in our office.

• New Treatment Options for Verrucae
• The role of testing in the treatment of Onychomycosis
• Quality over Quantity – What we learned from the first round of the COVID pandemic
• Understanding the changes in E and M services in 2021.

Using your website for patient engagement can help to improve outcomes, How to configure your website to be a tool for effective treatment with Randy Rosler and Nicholas Lundy
Now more than ever we need to use all means possible to engage patients in their care to optimize outcomes. We will discuss how to make sure your website provides a benefit to your patients and your practice.
• Using your website for Patient Engagement
• The American with Disabilities Act and your website
• Patient Privacy violations that have been caused by practice websites.

Providing optimal treatment to your patients who have or at risk of lower extremity wounds

• Routine Foot Care is not routine. Evaluation and Documentation of diminished circulation
• Vascular Considerations in patient with lower extremity ulcers
• Non-Invasive Vascular Testing in the Podiatry Office
• When to biopsy a non-healing wound
• The role of shoes and inserts in treating patients with wounds or who are at risk of wounds

We have all run into situations where we need to provide care that is not covered by an insurance plan. When is that care appropriate, how should we approach presenting these non-covered services to our patients? with Michael Warshaw, DPM, Matthew Feldman, JD and Allen Jacobs, DPM

• The ethics of cash products and services in the Podiatry Office
• Non-Custom Orthotics and Devices, when are they the best care for our patients?
• Compounded Pharmaceutical Products, when are they better than the products I the insurance formulary?

Posterior Tibial Dysfunction – It is out there it is more common than you think, and it is undertreated with Allen Jacobs, DPM and Michael Warshaw, DPM
• Evaluation for Posterior Tibial Dysfunction
• Documentation and Coding for PTT Dysfunction

2021 what will be the new normal and how will we need to adapt to provide quality care to our patientswith Allen Jacobs, DPM and Michael Warshaw, DPM

• COVID Wave 2 is here how can we respond
• Audits in 2021 – What is coming down the pipe and what is on the OIG worklist

The Currently Scheduled Speakers

Michael L. Brody, DPM
Matthew Feldman, JD
Michael Friedman
Robert Gaynor, DPM
Allen Jacobs, DPM
Nicholas Lundy
Steven McClain, MD
Cindy Pezza, PMAC
Randy Rosler
Michael Warshaw, DPM
Josh White, DPM
And more to be announced.

CECH Registration Fee $69.00
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