Ethics in Podiatry

Ethics in Podiatry
A one-day program focusing on doing the right thing. With the Cures Act, the No Surprises Act, other legislation and increased oversight we need to know how to make sure we do not end up in the cross hairs of an investigator.
Saturday March 26, 8 AM - 5:45 PM Eastern
This program has been approved for up to 8.5 CEU
$129 Regular Registration
$79 Registration for PICA Policyholders

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  • The Basic Principles of Medical Ethics: The Four Cornerstones
  • Ethical Issues in Coding and Billing: What Are the Most Common Issues?
  • Understanding the New Surprise Billing Law
  • Conflicts of Interest: How to Approach the problem of thee or me
  • Patient Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Working with Surrogate Decision Makers: Understanding Who Makes the Call
  • Reporting Unethical or Incompetent Behaviors: What to Do and When to Do It, When Patient Endangerment Becomes the Issue
  • Balancing Expensive New Technologies and Cost
  • When Are Orthotics Appropriate, and When Not?
  • Ethical risk of under treatment in a capitation or value based purchasing reimbursement environment
  • Advertising the Right Way
  • When to Say No to a Patient


  • David Freedman, DPM
  • Matthew Feldman, Esq
  • Allen Jacobs, DPM
  • Michael Warshaw, DPM
  • Joseph D'Amico DPPM
  • Michael Brody, DPM
  • David Hoffman, Esq
  • At the end of this program learners will be able to identify unethical behavior and take appropriate action
  • At the end of this program learners will be able to modify decisions to provide cost effective quality care
  • At the end of this program learners will be able to set up compliance programs in their practices

Special Note:
If you are a Residency Director or Dean at a College of Podiatric Medicine and wish to make this program available to your residents and studentts at no charge, please call us at (631) 866-5263